from charity

to justice

from charity

to justice

Traditional philanthropy starts and stops. (W)Health Capital walks alongside communities as they rise to health, wealth and prosperity. Our investments address immediate needs, dismantle the forces that perpetuate poverty and ensure people across the South have the opportunity to move forward for the long-term.


We engage multiple partners — community, government, private, philanthropic and religious -- to generate resources for sustainable impact.

long-term focus

Our focus is long-term, and our funding is flexible. Investments are sustained over multiple years, build capacity over time and target multigenerational change.

public value

We set goals that articulate their larger value to society, not to individual stakeholders. Establishing common goals across sectors promotes prosperity for all.

co-defined outcomes

Our leaders and partner organizations are vetted from within the community. Our outcomes are co-defined and designed for systemic change.

community-driven change

We don’t set agendas, we invest in solutions. We increase the capacity of trusted leaders to create change in their own communities.

multi-generational impact

Every life changed matters, but we must seed change across generations to end deeply-entrenched cycles of poverty and restore justice for the long term.

Why does this matter?

We are driven by all people being able to experience and live out their highest calling and deepest joy. When communities across the American South are thriving —physically, emotionally, educationally, and economically — the roadmap for a joyful and resilient future unfolds for all.

We will be better as a nation
when all of our communities are well.

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